Josefina and Luna

上海 黄浦     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

Josefina is an adult female cat that was found abandoned during the last Chinese New Year inside a residential building. It took several days to catch her as she was terrified, starving, hiding and moving in the apartment complex stairwell. She was finally rescued on February 23. Josefina is a very sweet cat, was found wearing a collar and had no fleas. Josefina is shy, but regaining her confidence. Several weeks later, on April 4, a 4 weeks old female kitten was found and rescued by the foster mom of Josefina. When Josefina and the baby met each other, it was love at first sight. Josefina started to nurse baby Luna, taking care of her as if she was her own baby. The two are inseparable now, and looking for a loving home together. They are both very loving and playful!


上海 徐汇     性别:母 (F)   体重:5kg - 10kg   年龄: 1-5 years



上海 徐汇     性别:公 (M)   体重:---   年龄: < 1 year

猫咪,男孩,出生于2018年2月12号,健康,亲人! This is Summer. He is the adventurous one, and loves being active. Summer was born on February 12th and is looking for a forever home. vaccinations have been completed fully. please reach out If you like Summer,contact with me Vivian:WeChat:xiaowangzibaixue cell phone:13501797783 (Priority will be given to those who adopt spring and summer together!)


上海 徐汇     性别:公 (M)   体重:---   年龄: < 1 year

猫咪,男孩,出生于2018年2月12号,非常漂亮,健康! Let's meet Spring,He is very cuddly but also loves to play! He also loves belly rubs ☺ Spring was born on February 12th and is looking for a forever home. vaccinations have been completed fully。Please reach out if you like spring,contact with me: Vivian:cell phone:13501797783 WeChat:xiaowangzibaixue (Priority will be given to those who adopt spring and summer together!)


上海 黄浦     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 虹口     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

I found Tommy on the night of June 18, 2017 in a sidewalk near the building where I live. He was just a very tiny kitten, crying for food, and hiding behind a motorcycle parked there. After some struggle I was able to catch him from under the motorcycle and take him home. The following day the city had very heavy rain, so I was lucky to find Tommy just in time. Once at home I looked at him carefully and I realized he was infested with fleas, so I deflead him immediately. I took him to the vet hospital a couple of days after that and he was declared a healthy tiny baby cat, however, approximately a week after that he developed a case of Panleukopenia (FPV) and was hospitalized. Tommy was a very small kitten, so his chances to survive the disease were not the best ... but he made it and without sequalae! After been released from the hospital he came back to my home, where he made friends with all my adult rescued cats. Tommy is a very friendly kitten with other cats, and his "ideal home" is one where he can have cat friends (he is not happy being alone). He is a very handsome tabby kitten, and I believe he will become a very beautiful tabby cat when adult. His belly is yellow and black, and when you look at him he looks like a toy tiger! Thank you!


上海 普陀     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 静安     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 徐汇     性别:公 (M)   体重:5kg - 10kg   年龄: 1-5 years

大Q 已绝育已疫苗 内驱外驱都已完成 小区亲人大白公猫 叫声很萌 疑似被遗弃 两岁左右 现在暂住猫友家 等待领养 意向者需在上海有稳定住房 有责任心 有意领养者请添加微信号ArcMon505并备注领养大Q 谢谢 Da Q is a 2-year old boy, sterilised and vaccinated. He's warm and easy to please. He's now living in rescuer's home and waiting for adoption. If you are interested in adopting Da Q, please add Wechat ID-ArcMon505, thanks.


上海 虹口     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year


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