上海 静安     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

On October 9, 2017 I walked in the parking of the building where I live and I listened a "meow" from under a parked scooter ... and there she was! Rozzie is a small female calico kitten that still had smell of shampoo in her fur. She was totally clean and had no fleas at all. Soon after I noticed that whoever dumped her in the parking also left a bag of cat food (almost empty) and a pink plastic bowl. Rozzie was very friendly and she had no idea what to do or where to go. That evening I took her to my apartment, where soon after she became the "big boss" for my other rescued cats! Currently, Rozzie is in a foster home and she has shown to be a small kitten with a huge personality! Rozzie loves people, she is not scared of strangers and she is a dog-like kitten ... always following you around when you do things around the house. She is easily entertained with the smallest things like a paper ball, her own tail and racing from room to room, and there is no surface tall enough for her: she will attempt to jump them all! If you are seriously interested in fostering or adopting Rozzie please contact Alejandra. Thank you!


上海 虹口     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

I found Tommy on the night of June 18 in a sidewalk near the building where I live. He was just a very tiny kitten, crying for food, and hiding behind a motorcycle parked there. After some struggle I was able to catch him from under the motorcycle and take him home. The following day the city had very heavy rain, so I was lucky to find Tommy just in time. Once at home I looked at him carefully and I realized he was infested with fleas, so I deflead him immediately. I took him to the vet hospital a couple of days after that and he was declared a healthy tiny baby cat, however, approximately a week after that he developed a case of Panleukopenia (FPV) and was hospitalized. Tommy was a very small kitten, so his chances to survive the disease were not the best ... but he made it and without sequalae! After been released from the hospital he came back to my home, where he made friends with all my adult rescued cats. Tommy is a very friendly kitten with other cats, and he certainly loves food. He is a very handsome tabby kitten, and I believe he will become a very beautiful tabby cat when adult. His belly is yellow and black, and when you look at him he looks like a toy tiger! Thank you!


上海 浦东新区     性别:公 (M)   体重:10kg - 20kg   年龄: 1-5 years



上海 徐汇     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

小泡芙目前4个月左右 女孩 活泼亲人又聪明 有点小贱 带去领养日的时候突然死尸状爬在地上逗笑了一众人 平时有点鲜格格 我妈叫她小贱贱 泡芙也是被人遗弃在小区 之前暂时照顾的阿姨塞给我们之后就不管了希望能帮她找到一个家 意向者需在上海有稳定住房 有责任心 能够科学喂养 有意领养者请添加微信号ArcMon505并备注领养泡芙 谢谢


上海 徐汇     性别:母 (F)   体重:5kg - 10kg   年龄: 1-5 years

小缘 女 一岁多 中等体型 已绝育已疫苗 很小的时候被一个阿姨短暂收留 养大后就放在小区 好心的胖保安收留了她 晚上胖保安值班可以进保安室 这段时间里受过其他保安欺负 也感受过好心人的温暖 有时小区有阿姨会带她回去玩一会给她放些吃的 一个月去宠物店洗一次澡 小缘很懂事 一点也不吵闹 毛色很好 人称小金毛 和胖保安很亲 对她好都知道 后来胖保安辞职不干了 小缘就没人管了 我们现在把她安置在宠物店 希望有缘人领养 意向者需在上海有稳定住房 有责任心 能够科学喂养 有意领养者请添加微信号ArcMon505并备注领养小缘 谢谢


上海 闵行     性别:公 (M)   体重:10kg - 20kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 浦东新区     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 普陀     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 杨浦     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

A litter of puppies rescued by volunteer,lovely black puppy,male,6months old.Chinese believed that black dogs can protect the house and symbolic meaning of lucky. already neutered, dewormed and vaccinated . He is very docile and lively .He is smart boy.Waiting for a kindly master. 被志愿者救助的一窝可爱小黑狗,中国相信黑狗能辟邪镇宅,是好运的象征。目前2个月大的小公狗,已经驱虫接种狂犬疫苗 。他就像一匹黑色的小骏马 聪明 乖巧 非常温顺。不乱叫。萌懂可爱。希望能有一个好心人收留他 给他温暖的家。


上海 浦东新区     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year


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