Adoption Procedures



ShangHai     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Before Christmas 2018 we found DianDian together with her sister in our compound. We could not find their mom and decided to take care of them. DianDian is very playful, she has fun finding treats inside a ball and loves to cuddle. We really want to find a nice and responsible family for her. Unfortunately we can't keep her as we already have 2 dogs. If you are seriously interested in adopting DianDian, then please contact wechat ID: adrianakmara


ShangHai JingAn     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Name: Ruby Gender: Male Age: Approx. 11 weeks old Health: Dewormed, deflead and vaccinated (first vaccination) Ruby was rescued together with other 2 kittens on the cold day of January 15, 2019. Ruby was the weakest of all 3 and he was in critical condition (he could fit in the doctor's hand!) ... but luckily all 3 kittens survived thanks to the help of the doctors and medical staff! Now Ruby is looking for his own forever loving home. He is a lovely, playful and very happy kitten! :o) If you are seriously interested in adopting Ruby, then please contact his rescuer Alejandra at:


ShangHai     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Sausage is a young male dog 6 months old, very friendly and warm! He likes to play a lot and he is looking for a home and love! We found Sausage abandoned in our compound parking. It was raining and it was cold, so he was hiding scared between cars, and he ate some bad garbage that was causing him pain. We rescued Sausage, showered him, dewormed and vaccinated and especially, we gave him love and a home and food. Sausage grew strong again in those few months. Sausage never refuse to play or to give a warm welcome! He is vaccinated with the vet booklet, and dewormed. He is lovely and he is trying to find a new home. We would LOVE to keep him but we already have 4 rescued cats and a bird. Sausage is smart and can learn commands quickly, such as to sit. Thanks!


ShangHai FengXian     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years


ShangHai FengXian     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years


ShangHai FengXian     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: < 1 year


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years


ShangHai NanHui     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

Jelly is a dog rescued stray dogs under the sticks, was badly hurt and suffering a lot but it still choose to believe humans!


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

Stray dog in the compound, was pregnant when found. Extremely gentle, doesn't like to bark, suitable for a family.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

DODO has some skin problem when rescued, he was most likely abandoned because of that. Rescuer has more than 10 dogs waiting for home, so hopefully can find friendly DODO a good home soon.DODO is a Shiba and Corgi hybrids.

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