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ShangHai PuTuo     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

about 2 months old ONLY : Shanghai/上海 BB along with another bunny were victims of a FIFA world cup bet and destined to end up on a plate . Luckily, the kind chef at the restaurant took pity on them and instead, asked for help to find people to adopt them. Both bunnies were picked up last Monday and the black bunny is already in a forever home. Little Bb is still awaiting on an adoptive home. A vet check-up has been already done, BB had a mild pneumonia which was treated already by oral medication. She's in very good health now. BB is an incredible cute bunny, very affectionate and curious too and most importantly loves to eat , especially the delicious alfalfa hay . Anyone would be lucky to have BB , he's truly a special bunny. If you'd like to provide BB with a forever loving home, pls contact us. Serious inquiries only! P.S. Sadly, the rescuer can't keep BB as already has 5 pets at home.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

DODO has some skin problem when rescued, he was most likely abandoned because of that. Rescuer has more than 10 dogs waiting for home, so hopefully can find friendly DODO a good home soon.DODO is a Shiba and Corgi hybrids.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

Stray dog in the compound, was pregnant when found. Extremely gentle, doesn't like to bark, suitable for a family.


ShangHai NanHui     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

Jelly is a dog rescued stray dogs under the sticks, was badly hurt and suffering a lot but it still choose to believe humans!

Wang wang

ShangHai     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:---   Age: 1-5 years

I am a girl, I am over one year old, but I was abandoned by my former owner. My character is gentle and lovely.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Three month old sister, a little timid, but also very loved oh. Because the age is also small, so there is no vaccine full without sterilization, but has been flooding insect. Cute girl waiting for her mom and Dad, please contact us.

Xiao Wu

ShangHai XuHui     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

My name is Takeshi.2 years old boy. When I was a little puppy, I was dumped at the street by a dog seller because of disabled hind legs (hind legs are too weak to stand, but it does not affect normal life also I can run normally) Luckily I have been together with my adopter family for two years. However as their baby grew up, my owner think they don't have time to take care of me. I was dumped again. I have been neutered, vaccinated and deflead. I am a healthy and nice boy.What I need is to have a warm and permanent home. I don't want to be left alone anymore. Adoption Requirements: Apply for a dog license, sign an adoption agreement and accept return visit.


ShangHai XuHui     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:> 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

#Lab for free adoption#Over one year boy. Was dumped by previous owner. He is super friendly and sweet. I never saw such a wonderful dog. Good habbit at home and never bark or destory furniture. He would be a prefect companion dog in a family.

Hui hui

ShangHai HongKou     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Hui hui was found at the street alone one month ago. She is 2 months old, healthy and lively. being easy with cat and dog. Now oopen for adoption.

3 rescued dogs (1) Urgent cases!

ShangHai     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

Yvette is a wonderful animal rescuer who has saved the lives of all the dogs in these pictures. Sadly Yvette is relocating (for job reasons) to Hong Kong this coming July 2018. Hereafter, all her rescued dogs need to find good forever homes as soon as possible. These dogs are all in Ningbo, but Yvette can relocate them to Shanghai for the right adopters. If you are seriously interested in any of them and want to give them a forever caring home, please contact Yvette at wechat ID: yvettemorin50 Thanks!

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