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种类:   猫 名字:   Cosmo 救助日期:  2018年9月16日
所在城市:   上海 寄养地区:   虹口 体重:  < 5kg 性别:  公 (M) 年龄:  < 1 year
绝育:   No  免疫:   Yes  狂犬疫苗:   No  体内驱虫:   Yes  体外驱虫:   Yes 
I found Cosmo on September 16 in a public garden near the building where I live (Hongkou district). He was left outside with a cardboard box and a little bit of dry cat food next to him. He was not afraid at all, and let me touch him and hold him … so I knew immediately he was a “house kitten” that had been abandoned to his own devices. Cosmo was to friendly and unable to survive outside, so I took him home immediately. In my home he received parasite treatment even though it seemed he did not have any fleas at all. Cosmo has shown to have a very sweet personality and he is also very cuddly. Every day he enjoys playing with my other rescued kittens and having long naps! He is a purring machine too!


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